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Stump grinding advantages and disadvantages

Long reach stump grinding services:
Bobs also has an excavator mounted stump grinder for those hard to reach places. We have used this on hills sides, on top of retaining walls or terraces, and to reach over obstacles that standard stump grinders cannot reach.

Stump digging / removal benefits:

Will give you an opportunity to get some landscaping done at the same time as the stump digging done with heavy equipment.
Will help eliminate new sprouting of certain species such as cottonwood and poplars.
Eliminates differential settlement for new construction when properly back filled and compacted.
Eliminates sink holes in your yard from a rotting stump.
Helps remove diseased root systems for healthier nearby and future trees.
Enables you to install sprinkler systems without hitting the buried stump and its surface roots.
Lets you change or lower the contour of your landscape
Removes unsightly and dangerous stumps
Increase curb appeal and home resale value
No dangerous chemicals for pets or children

Stump digging disadvantages:

It cost 2-6 times more than stump grinding
In most cases it tears up your yard
Sometimes underground utilities get in the way.
It may take a hole 14 feet across an up to 10 feet deep to dig out a typical 30″ fir stump. And then another area to pile the dirt.
It cost $35 per ton in dump fees to dump plus trucking to get it there. A typical 30″ fir stump weights about 2500-4000lbs.

Tree stump will rot over time and yard may get a low spot years down the road.
You will not be able to lower the contour of the yard in the future without digging out the heart of the stump and its roots.
Roots and hidden stump may interfere with future sprinkler system installations.
You may not be able to put a post hole where the stump is for a future fence.

Bobs Property Solutions provides professional stump grinding and stump removal services to Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Auburn, Lakewood and the surrounding areas.

Simply fill out the “Contact Me” on the right and we will get back to you on Saturday for a Free Estimate. For possibly faster service Call Bob at 253 651 7494.

Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property. In most cases, once we are finished, there is no sign that equipment was ever on your property. Our modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, quick, and non-intrusive. For most stumps we use our Vermeer commercial grinder. We will grind the stump 6″ below the grade of the soil unless other wise specified. If you need it ground deeper please request it at the time of estimate or before we start the job, it must be clearly stated on your written estimate.
The stump grinding chips are left behind and piled next to where the stump was, unless otherwise specified in the written estimate. Beware of other companies that bury the stump hole with the grindings. More often than not they do not do a complete job, or leave high spots. Grinding of roots extending from the tree is additional to grinding stumps.

You must call 811 to request utility locates three days before
requesting stump grinding services for depths greater than 2″.

Price for single stump grinding:

Volume discount for stump grinding jobs over $250

$200 minimum mobilization charge plus:
$6.50 per inch in the front yard
$7.50 per inch in the back yard with minimum 35″ wide gate/path clearance.

Grinding Roots- $50 minimum and up call or request bid.

For the best price, call Bob for a free estimate.

The stump grinder must be able to maneuver up to the stump if the stump is up stairs or a retaining wall or if you have less then 35″ of access the price is based on the individual circumstances. Please request a quote and we will contact you for more information.

Stumps must be cut down to near ground level with in 4″ of soil. There is an additional charge if the stump needs to be cut down before grinding, usually about $25-$50. If you hired us to do the tree removal and clean up than this can be included in the tree job at no extra charges.

Removal of Grindings- is 75% of the cost of what it cost per stump to grind. It is a good idea if you are planting a new tree, grass, sod, or other plants in the same spot within the next 6 months to remove the grindings.

How to Measure a stump for grinding: