Description Of Work: Bob excavated a large amount of soil and ground out several large tree stumps.
Member Comments: 
Bob was great to work with.  From the first contact he was courteous and professional.  He was able to come out for the estimate on the same day we contacted him and the job was schedule for two days later.  He showed up at the time he promised, did the job above and beyond my expectations, and left the job site looking perfect.  I will not hesitate to contact him with any future needs.

Review Date: May 11, 2015     Taken from Angie's List.

Description Of Work:   Excavating, grading. Laying topsoil. Concrete cutting.
Member Comments: 
Bob came out and cleared our yard of years of accumulated garden disasters. Our desire was for a nice lawn and some flower beds. There was so much buried junk that just digging a small hole was pretty much impossible. What Bob removed was like a giant lasagna of mulch, gravel, soil and weeds, layered between various types of weed block fabric. The area was tight, as it has a good size pond in the middle, a covered patio, and some specimen maples that we wanted to keep. He dug out a good size stand of bamboo that was trying to take over the yard (and winning). He also demolished a concrete flower bed and path that was unsightly and hazardous.  He arranged for people to come and remove all the debris (6 dump truck loads) and made short work of getting the area cleared for us. We arranged to have topsoil delivered and he graded that out. He cut some concrete for us, to repair another path. He did all this in one day!  Bob is very professional and efficient. He worked very hard for us. He is highly skilled and does precision work. I believe he could plant tulip bulbs with his excavator, he is that precise!.  His price was more than fair for all he did for us and he was absolutely worth every penny!!! I highly recommend him and I would certainly hire him again!

Work Completed Date:  April 29, 2015 Taken from Angie's List

Description Of Work: I bought the Big Deal for Bobs Property Solutions.  They cut down about five trees.
Member Comments: 
It turned out good.  The owner was very sincere and very honest.  There was nothing that I disliked about them.  I overpaid him because he forgot to take out the Big Deal.  So, he came back and said that he owed me money.  It was still expensive in my opinion but it was what it was.  The guy was super nice and I really liked him.  He was very personable.  Very few people that I have hired looked me in the eye.  He looked me in the eye and talked towards me.  He did not disrespect me and he listened to me.  He understood everything I said.  That does not happen here very often.

Work Completed Date: November 27, 2014 Taken From Angie's List

Taken from Angie's List: Description Of Work: Removal of Madrona tree.
Member Comments: 
Bob showed up on time, assessed the situation and explained how tricky felling the tree would be.  He quickly found a solution to avoid damaging other scrubs, hand rails, and other obstacles.  He and one other person dropped the tree in a safe path and even took the time to cut the tree up into rounds.  Bob did everything he said he would do and more.  I have other tree work and have already hired him to do more.  Bottom line is I would recommend him to others and I am definitely going to use him again.

Work Completed Date:  February 13, 2015 

Taken from Yelp:11/14/2014

Bob showed up promptly at the time he stated he would be there (actually a few minutes early).  He had two workers along to help him out and they were already prepping the equipment to begin.  The main tree we wanted removed was an overgrown Cherry tree that was right on our fence line and overhung it onto the neighbors bank.  Bob said that he would be able to get the limbs down with no problem.  As they got to work I watched from the kitchen window (it was in the 20's and I had no desire to freeze with them) while they quickly worked to remove the limbs from the side away from the fence.  They trimmed long branches down and dropped all the limbs right next to the tree with great control.  Bob does all the climbing and cutting, and uses a rigging system to support and move the limbs into position which kept the limbs hanging over the fence from falling on it.  As the job progressed the work area was kept clear of debris because all the branches were hauled away and shredded on site as they came down.  Once done with the branches were all down Bob cut the main tree down in sections and when short enough he fell the remainder right on a piece of plywood so as to not gouge the ground.  While he ground the stump down he had the plywood positioned to block any debris from flying back and hitting the house.  He even hauled away most of the stump debris which I had planned on having to spread over the area where the tree stood.  

The four Maple trees along the driveway went much faster and easier.  After trimming a couple of large limbs over the neighbor's fence, all four trees were felled right along the fence line in short order.  Bob quickly bucked the limbs and the trees were quickly shredded.  After all the work was completed they quickly set about packing up their equipment and then set about cleaning up the area.  I had expected them to pick up limbs that had broken off and maybe rake a few leaves up.  Instead they blew and raked the area along the front of the house and driveway picking up all the leaves and sawdust.  When they had finished the area was like before they had arrived, only without the trees (and less leaves on the ground).

Bob also trimmed couple Oak tree limbs that were damaged and were hanging over our fence from the neighbor's tree that I had asked about the night before when I talked to him.  Overall I was extremely pleased with the professionalism, friendliness, and quality of work done by him.  Thanks Bob.

Taken from Yelp:10/10/2014
We called Bob on Wednesday to see if he could take down two VERY large fir trees out of my elderly dad's yard.  Bob came the next day!  He and his crew worked over twelve hours on those trees and cleaned up fantastically!   We asked to leave the stumps about 3 ft tall so my dad could used them to sit on.  Bob even made one with a high back on it.  It looks like a throne!!!  We LOVE it!  He and his crew were professional in everyway!!  AND their prices were the best of all bids!!!!  They used top notch high end equipment and worked their tails off.  We loved them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!  Thanks Bob!  We hope you read this review too!!!!

Taken from Yelp:9/22/2014
First to Review: Bob quoted me 1/4 land clearing and rough grade. I was skeptical about a bob cat instead of a Dozer but took the chance. WOW I was very surprised at the final out come it's GREAT! He is a very nice guy with a great work ethiric. I have another piece of property and will be using him for that one also! Thanks